Workflow Diagram of CoolDialer Service

CoolDialer is a Software Service which includes number of servers and client softwares.. Total specification of complete operating environment is as following -

CoolDialer Client is the CoolDialer software client for supported mobile phones. It is installed on the mobile and used to dial specific number, handle conversation and communicate with all other necessary places.

Any number of CoolDialer client can be downloaded, copied and installed on customers handsets. But only purchased number of brands can be on production.

CoolDialer Workflow Diagram

VoiceMate Server is the media server of the CoolDialer. This server needs to be of CentOS 5 operating system with good server grade configuration. VoiceMate software will be installed on the server. All calls generated from CoolDialer clients will go through this server. So this server needs to be rich in processor clock speed, RAM, L2 cache and availability of bandwidth speed for expected level of performance. For better performance and availability and redundancy, cluster of VoiceMate servers might need to be used. 

API Server is the server where all related API’s will be hosted. API’s are required to server specific purpose such as balance display, rate display, CDR, SMS etc. These API’s needs to be hosted on a specific server and those API’s will require to connect to various other software and services. 

License Server is the server from where CoolDialer gets license and other technical information based on which CoolDialer works

SoftSwitch is the VoIP Billing and Switching platform. CoolDialer gets registered with the Soft Switch with an account from the Soft Switch. When CoolDialer process a call, it goes to the VoiceMate Media Server, and after processing, VoiceMate media server sends the call to the Soft Switch. The Soft Switch then further process it and send it to the destination user with proper routing.

A standard Soft Switch needs to be maintained for functioning of the CoolDialer.


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