Supported Hand Sets

Current Version of CoolDialer (v.3.1) only supports Nokia Mobile Phones with Symbian S60 Operating System with 3rd Edition and 5th Edition, Symbian^2 & Symbian^3/Anna/Belle Operating System. It generally works on G.729 supported handset, however, CoolDialer supports non G.729 supported handsets as well. A list of supported handset for various versions are provided below. Due to the limitation of testing and handset availability, all handsets are not well tested. But According to OS enviroment, handsets should work accordingly. Some handsets which are not listed for CoolDialer Turbo also can work for this package. Please inform us if you see any inconsistency on the information provided below. Write to us to

CoolDialer Supported Nokia X-Series Handsets
Nokia X5-00 Nokia X5-01
Nokia X6-00 Nokia X7-00
CoolDialer Supported Nokia C-Series Handsets
Nokia C5-00 Nokia C5-00 5MP
Nokia C5-01 Nokia C5-03
Nokia C5-04 Nokia C5-05
Nokia C5-06 Nokia C6-00
Nokia C6-01 Nokia C7-00
Nokia C7 Astound  
CoolDialer Supported Nokia E-Series Handsets
Nokia E5-00 Nokia E6-00
Nokia E7-00 Nokia E50
Nokia E51 Nokia E52
Nokia E55 Nokia E60
Nokia E61 Nokia E61i
Nokia E62 Nokia E63
Nokia E65 Nokia E66
Nokia E70 Nokia E71
Nokia E71x Nokia E72
Nokia E73 Mode Nokia E75
Nokia E90 Communicator  
CoolDialer Supported Nokia N-Series Handsets
Nokia N8-00 Nokia N71
Nokia N73 Nokia N75
Nokia N76 Nokia N77
Nokia N78 Nokia N79
Nokia N80 Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8 GB Nokia N82
Nokia N85 Nokia N86 8MP
Nokia N91 Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia N92 Nokia N93
Nokia N93i Nokia N95
Nokia N95 8 GB Nokia N95-3 NAM
Nokia N96 Nokia N96-3
Nokia N97 Nokia N97 Mini
CoolDialer Supported Other Nokia Handsets
Nokia Oro Nokia T7-00
Nokia 500 Nokia 603
Nokia 700 Nokia 701
Nokia 702T Nokia 801T
Nokia 808 PureView Nokia 3250
Nokia 5228 Nokia 5230
Nokia 5230 Nuron Nokia 5233
Nokia 5235 Ovi Music Unlimited Nokia 5250
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Nokia 5500 Sports
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
Nokia 6700 XpressMusic Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia 6120 Classic Nokia 6121 Classic
Nokia 6124 Classic Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia 6220 Classic Nokia 6290
Nokia 6650 Fold Nokia 6700 Slide
Nokia 6710 Navigator Nokia 6720 Classic
Nokia 6730 Classic Nokia 6760 Slide
Nokia 6790 Slide Nokia 6790 Surge
Nokia 6788 Nokia 6788i



1. not working nokia 6120c

pls solved this problem

2. About problem with nokia 6120c

Please contact with our support team in the following address:

Skype: support.sync

3. not warkng cool dialer nokia E5

Dear sir please required check yor birnd bstelecom oman my name ali Email id

4. nokia 5530

cooldialer not support my handset pls help 0096895485808

5. About nokia 5530

We are working on it. For now, please try other handsets from supported handset list.

6. about e 55

nokia e55 hand set, cool dialar supporting or not?which is the best mobile for cool dailar from e serees

7. About Nokia E55

Nokia E55 supports CoolDialer. Other handsets from supported handset list also support CoolDialer.

8. Nokia C5-03 - Not woking cooldialer

Nokia C5-03 - Phone is cooldialer not woking.

9. About Nokia C5-03

The OS of Nokia C5-03 is not supporting CoolDialer right now. Please try other handsets from supported handset list.

10. Nokia 500 , E6 , nokia lumina

Nokia 500 , E6 , nokia lumina 710 ....does any of these phone supports cool dialer reply asap

11. cooldiler

e6 not support cooldiler

12. calling not working properly

as salam o alaikum. My device not working properly in skype callings. I got registered and bialence showing. But call is not supporting. Sometimes call goes on but there is not sound. I checked with word dialer its working properly. Previously i was udong cool hialer with other mobile and wish to contiue ewith cooldialer. Plz help

13. About skype calling

We need some more information. Please contact with our support team,

14. About Nokia 500 , E6 , nokia lumia 710

These handsets do not support CoolDialer, only listed handset models support CoolDialer.

15. Support

I myself anil does cool dialer supports nokia c-5 00 plez let mr know

16. About nokia c-500

This handset does not support CoolDialer right now, try some other handset model given in the supported handset list.

17. does nokia lumia 710 will

does nokia lumia 710 will support this software

18. Does cooldialer support Nokia N70

Nokia N70 has S60 operating system. Does cooldialer support N70 ?

19. About cooldialer supporting Nokia N70

CoolDialer doesn't support Nokia N70 right now.

20. n70


21. About N70

Right now, N70 is not supporting CoolDialer. Please check for handsets in supported handset list.

22. nokia 603

whether it is supporting to nokia 603 new model?

23. not support

mobile dialer not support in this handset send me feedback

24. About mobile dialer

You did not mention which dialer you are using and which handset you are using. For convenience, please use any handset from supported handset list.

25. About supporting nokia 603

CoolDialer doesn't support Nokia 603 right now.

26. not supporting

on nokia n8 model is not supporting this software. Pls give a answre

27. About nokia n8 model

CoolDialer does not support nokia n8, please check supported handset list before trying it on other handsets.

28. is it working with symbian anna software

hai why it is not working with C6-01.the symbian anna there any patch for that.pls reply

29. About Symbian Anna Software

There is no patch for Symbian Anna Software. CoolDialer works only with some of the Nokia handsets, the list of the supported Nokia handsets are given above.

30. Cool Dialer for Windows mobile

Hy i am working at Oman. Does cool dialer work in windows fone (HTC HD2)?

31. About Windows Mobile

Thanks for showing interest on CoolDialer. It does not work with Windows Phone. The list of the supported Nokia handsets are given above.

32. Nokia N900

Dear Sir
Can I download Cooldialer on Nokia N900 pls let me know +96893309124 I m located in Muscat' OMAN

33. About Nokia N900

CoolDialer does not support Nokia N900.

34. Nokia N900

Dear Sir'
Can I download cooldialer on Nokia N900

35. what is a pin code 6120

what is a pin code 6120

36. Nokia C7

for Nokia C7 will works please suggest alternative for touch screen

37. cooldialer support for e5

i am using nokia e5 mobile, now currenty iam in oman i want installed
cooldialer software in my mobile,

38. About cooldialer support for e5

Sorry, we do not provide CoolDialer for personal use.

39. require dialer for my own switch

Hi, iam located in U.A.E my own switch & im looking for mobile dialer which is working on both local network here, if you have a good please reply me asap Thanks & Regard's ZenTalk contact email: mob:- +971553978798 +971556110413

40. About requiring dialer for own switch

Thank you for showing interest on our product. We need some of your switch information. So please send us an email with with your switch info and send it to:

41. N73

Cool dailr softwiyar

42. to support E63

download cooldailer

43. cool dialar


44. download cooldailer

for cooldailer download

45. how to downlode

i am tray to cooldialer i don't know how to downlode

46. Nokia C7

Nokia C7 will work?It is not in your list.

47. About Nokia C7

CoolDialer does not support Nokia C7.



49. doest it support IPhone or

doest it support IPhone or not

50. About iphone

CoolDialer does not support iphone.

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