Get CoolDialer Demo

Getting a branded demo for CoolDialer with your own switch is very easy and its FREE!! Please fill up the following form to get a demo of CoolDialer with your own switch and submit the form. In reply email, you will get a demo.

Your Business & Personal Information

Please tell us about your business and contact details.

CEO/Manager/President/Owner etc.

Information to build your branded CoolDialer

Please provide following information so we can build your own branded CoolDialer with your own switch.

The preferred brand name that you want for your CoolDialer. It will be displayed on CoolDialer interface when someone is registered with  your Validation Code.

The unique Validation Code used for licensing. Provide your preferred validation code and we will assign validation code on availability basis.

The IP of your SoftSwitch.

Please provide SIP port of your SoftSwitch, i.e. 5060.

Before we deliver the CoolDialer to you, we need to check if the Dialer is successfully built with your switch. To test that we need a test account/pin from your switch. We will login with that and register, sometimes will make a call.

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