Get a free demo for CoolDialer today

CoolDialer free demo is available for testing with SyncSwitch Package as well as your own SIP Switch. To get a demo for CoolDialer, please follow following steps-


  1. Check your handset compatibility from the supported handset list. Please click here to get the list of supported handset.
  2. Check if your handset time and date is set to current date and time. As well as check that your internet connection is active on your handset.
  3. Download CoolDialer Premium (G.729) from following link and Install that on your mobile.
  4. If you want to download CoolDialer Classic (G.711, GSM), please follow following link
  5. If you want to download CoolDialer Premium (G.729) for other Switch brand than SyncSwitch, please download from following link-
  6. This demo will not work until you get a Validation Code & Test Account from us. Please send a request for a validation code and test account to We will instantly provide you a Validation Code an a Test account.
  7. If you want to have Free CoolDialer Demo with your own SIP Switch, please send us following information -
    -> Your SIP Switch IP
    -> Balance Link of your Switch (If Available) to show your account balance on dialer screen
    -> Rate Link of your Switch (If Available) to show your destination name and destination terrif/rate on dialer screen
    -> A test account PIN (username/password) with SIP protocol and G.729 codec allowed.

    We will build a demo with your SIP Switch and send that to you so you can generate your own PIN and test it with your own Switch. Please be informed that, your demo will be expired after 3 days from build time of the dialer.

  8. Run installed CoolDialer from your handset, enter Validation code provided by us, enter user name and password to get registered. You will be shown account balanace and status as registered once your dialer is registered to our demo server.
  9. Now make free test call to any destination of the world!!.
  10. Please send us your feedback about your test call experience with CoolDialer to and
  11. Please let us know if you want to have more testing or if you want to purchase the dialer so we can proceed futher with financial terms and condition.
  12. We would like to thank you for your interest on our product and services as well as for taking time to visit our product website. We hope for your best business.



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