CoolDialer is geared with all features that are in demand and standard in current telecommunication technology- mostly in VoIP market to enhance end user experience. As well as, while designing the application, we gave highest priority to ease of operation and comfortability for customers.


Technical Features:

  • Make call with extremely low bandwidth situation
  • Flexibility of switching silence suppression ON and OFF from the dialer.
  • Works behind NAT
  • Works from any type of firewalled network
  • Works with any standard switch with SIP protocol
  • Voice quality is calibrated with CNG (Comfort Noise Generation), VAD (Voice Activity Detection) and PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) to ensure crystal clear voice.
  • Works with EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 3.5G, 4G/HSPDA/LTE & VPN Access points
  • Improved voice quality and network management


Usability & Interface related features:

  • User friendly interface with all needed information of a call such as Balance with currency, Call Status, Registration Status, Last call duration, last called number etc.
  • Since last called number is on the screen, users can redial by just pressing the dial button.
  • Brand name at the top of the screen gives you opportunity to display your brand name thus branding your service. 
  • You can put your motto, slogan, website address or any other message at the bottom of the screen, which enables you to express your service better to your customers.
  • Users can dial directly from phone book, which set them free from memorizing the number and dialing again and again.
  • It removes leading ‘+’ character atutomatically from phonebook entry while dialing, thus you don't need to edit saved number.
  • Call History in Option menu save up to 50 call history with dialed number and duration. Users can check those history any time and redial from history by selecting the number.
  • Easy accessible settings menu provides customer flexibility to change user name and password any time.
  • Silence Suppression settings Also can be changed from this menu. If silence suppression is enabled, it saves bandwidth by transmitting less data which results low bandwidth consumption and better voice quality.
  • Call interception facilities provides flexibility to dial directly from phone interface with a predefined prefix through CoolDialer. For example, if you have '+' or '00' as your interception prefix set on the CoolDialer, when the dialer is running in background, and a number is dialed from phone interface with '+' or '00', this call will go through CoolDialer, other than directly through your operator. User can set any prefix as interception code. If anyone doesn't want this feature, all prefixes can be removed from here.
  • Auto Start feature start the dialer automatically when mobile phone is switched ON. This feature can be controlled from Option menu.
  • Loud Speaker access while calling
  • Shows available balance after registration and update instantly after finishing any call
  • CoolDialer runs just like your Phonebook or Callrecords or Organizer - without disturbing any other application to run. You can keep it open alltime behind other applications.
  • When you are in a VoIP call with CoolDialer, if you got a GSM call from your mobile network, the call will hangup instantly and you will be able to receive the GSM call.
  • It doesn’t hamper emergency call (i.e. 911, 112  etc) of your handset.



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