CoolSkype is an application for using with Skype Channel for calling from users desktop Windows PC, Mac PC, laptop, iPhone or Windows Mobile using service provider defined termination. This can be used as PC2Phone service with all the excellence and advantages of Skype over network and voice quality. Generally, Skype doesn’t have certain interface facilities like actual billed duration display, single click access to dial pad, redial, rate and destination name display, balance display, call history etc. CoolSkype comes up with solution for all of these and provide flexibility and usability desired by customers.

Key Features:
CoolSkype includes (but is not limited to) the following key features:
  • Easy and best anti-blocking and anti-firewall solution for blocked and firewalled areas.
  • Mind blowing voice quality with Skype™ Technology
  • Easy to use interface
  • Account Balance, Call Status, Destination rate, Destination name, Billed Duration and Bill amount display.
  • Redial and call hold facility
  • Single click access to Call History, Address Book, CDR Link and Service Providers Web Link
  • Echo test facility for testing users bandwidth condition
  • Service Providers won logo display and own branding
  • Unlimited number of registration
  • Unlimited distribution and installation of CoolSkype software

How to get it?
Please send email to for quotation and additional informaiton about CoolSkype.

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