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CoolDialer is a mobile dialer application for mobile VoIP (mVoIP) which is developed to make VoIP calls from supported mobile phone using EDGE, GPRS, 3G, 3.5G, 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi Internet. Having a long range of compatible handset, this mobile dialer gives the flexibility to reach to end customer in more cost effective way. Cool Dialer allows to make VoIP calls using G729 codec with SIP protocol. Quality of service is the key to success in VoIP business. Cool Dialer crystal clear voice by managing CNG (Comfort Noise Generation), VAD (Voice Activity Detection), PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) properly. Having superior control over network, this mobile dialer gives you a hassle free user experience of the software. It has all required and some other facinating features which ensures to meet all demand of end users.

CoolDialer have its proprietary anti firewall technology to avoid all sort of firewalls which makes it working from every place of the world. It has multiple stage protection plan against firewalls. It's superior bandwidth saving technology ensures it works from worst bandwidth situations where 3G is not available or not working as expected, or under congested network

CoolDialer mobile dialer is developed by Synchronous, the developer of SyncSwitch and many other customized VoIP software. We are committed to bring you the best technology with superior customer experience.

We always try to avail the latest technology to make the life of our technology users more flexible . CoolDialer is another flag of success on that journey. Lets become true wireless for your VoIP calling needs with Cool Dialer. Please send email to for more information.




1. Android

bhai uponedar ke Android system ta salo hoisa
samsung mobile ea ke sola uponedar cool dialer

2. About Android

Currently it is working with supported Nokia handsets only.

3. i need CoolDialer for oman

dear sir i need i need CoolDialer for oman, Please contact me 8801611622095 Email: , i wait for replay, Please urgently..

4. i need your company dialer

i am now ksa this my mobile :00966564819064

5. mobile dailer

Tell me how to dowanload dailer

6. Cool Dialer

Pl. give me complete description regarding cool dialer. Will it work in UAE and other Middle East states. What if it got blocked?

7. my call got hangup in middle

my call got hangup in middle on a specfic no. It is working properly on local numbers but when i creat a international call it just hang up

8. About call hangup

Please contact with your service provider for this. Or send an email to

9. queries

How to check the Symbian version and Edition in my E63 Handset?any body please give me clue?

10. About checking the Symbian version and Edition

Nokia E63 is using Symbian v9.2, Series 60 3.1 Edition.

11. 5630 - xpress Music

Nokia 5630-xpress Music support cool dialler?

12. About Nokia 5630-xpress Music

Nokia 5630 Classic supports CoolDialer. To see other supported handset list, please visit-

13. Iam using cool dialer for my

Iam using cool dialer for my nokia C6 series mob, unfortunatly last 2 days cool dialer is not working, only showing registering... ,give me the solution of this. before operate code is 6626 . it same or change... please reply urgelty

14. about using cooldialer

Please contact with They will help you out.

15. performance

Iam using cool dialer for my nokia e 72 series mob, unfortunatly last 2 days cool dialer is not working, only showing registering... ,give me the solution of this.

16. is it supportalbe C5-06 ?

is it supportalbe C5-06. symbian 9.4 ver.

17. About symbian 9.4 ver

It does not support symbian 9.4 ver. CoolDialer supports Symbian S60 Operating System with 3rd Edition and 5th Edition only.

18. How to use samsung mobile

I have GT-S5620 SAMSUNG mobile, how can i download software in my mobile

19. About GT-S5620 SAMSUNG mobile

Currently CoolDialer only supports Nokia handsets. So, GT-S5620 SAMSUNG mobile will not support CoolDialer. To get a complete list of supported handset, please visit:

20. Code

Can some one help me to get the Code for Cool Dialer

21. About code for CoolDialer

Thanks for showing interest for CoolDialer. To get the pin code, please contact with:

22. code

cooldailar code

23. Code for E72


24. good


25. code

pin code

26. About pin code

Thanks for showing interest on CoolDialer. To get the pin code, please contact with:

27. cooldialer


28. About Cellphone

To get a complete list of supported handset, please visit:
To know more about us, you can contact with

29. call


30. freecooldailar download

for personal useing

31. cool dialer

i like it.

32. Sorry

We don't provide for personal usage


33. mobialdialer

34. 1

35. 1



38. 1

39. 1



42. 1

43. 1



46. 1

47. 1



50. 1

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