How to make a free call to any Skype user from your mobile using Cool Dialer?

Skype Logo Skype is an amazing VoIP service which enables Voice, video and text conversations over internet. Whereas most of the VOIP services run based on client server systems, Skype is basically a peer to peer system. A registered Skype user can make free calls to other Skype users and can also make calls to other mobile or landline numbers against certain charges/fees. Due to its extreme popularity among Internet users, it has become a prerequisite to any other VoIP service provider to be able to provide connection facility with Skype. Cool Dialer is a smart application which bundles Skype calling facility with its own inexpensive International call making facility.

Call Skype users from your CoolDialer

Call Skype users from CoolDialerSynchronous always try to provide you with latest technology and best quality of service available in mobiledialer business model. Your favourite mobiledialer - CoolDialer, comes up with interconnection between CoolDialer and Skype network. You can call to any Skype account from your mobiledialer for free which allows users to connect directly with Skype network from CoolDialer for making free calls. User can access this feature from settings menu of CoolDialer. Just put the destination skype user name on the box and make call - it is that simple to make a call to a Skype users.

Stay connected with CoolDialer to enjoy more exciting features which can provide you supirior quality of voice and facilities. For more information regarding skype calls using cooldialer, please contact with us.


CoolNetwork is a network of CoolDialer users around the world for making free voice calls. One CoolDialer user can call to another CoolDialer user, even that user is not registered under same service provider. Service Providers using SyncSwitch and CoolDialer can offer this service to their customers. It can be offered as free calling service as well as a value added service. As the service doesn’t require any route for calling, service provider can offer calling with lowest cost ever.

Talk free with us through Skype

You can make free calls to us and talk with us for any of your needs using Skype. Our office PBX is accessible through skype for free. Please follow following steps and talk free with us.

1. Download Skype application from here.

2. Install Skype in your Windows/Mac PC/Laptop, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

3. Create a Skype account if you dont have one already.

4. Login to your Skype account.

5. Add 'syncpbx' on your contact list.

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