Join "CoolDialer Users Group" in Facebook today

Your favourite CoolDialer community is available in Facebook now. You can meet with CoolDialer users and share your comments and views with them. As well as you will get instant update from the group whenever any update is available in CoolDialer. We are maintaing the group regularly. Please join today to CoolDialer Users Gruop in facebook through following link.

CoolDialer 1.0.1 has been released!!


CoolDialer 1.0.1 has been released today. It works now in firewalled areas with SyncTunnel, without any VPN in 3rd party server with SyncSwitch. So its with reduced hassale of installing and maintaining VPN Server. As well as it does support DTMF now, so you can plan calling card and various IVR based services with CoolDialer. Please download CoolDialer Premium Version 1.0.1 from following link.

CoolDialer Support DTMF and Network Monitoring Now


CoolDialer does support DTMF now which is in demand of next generation VoIP Technology. As well as network monitoring has been enabled on the CoolDialer. When you go out of the network (internet), CoolDialer automatically disconnect you. Network Monitoring monitors the network when it is reconnected. So whenever you reconnect to the network, CoolDialer re-register you automatically. 

Voice Breaking for Bandwidth Crisis is Solved.

Voice breaking, noise in conversation etc problem was a common phenomena for mobile dialer in peak hours when your call suffers for bandwidth crisis. But your favourite CoolDialer comes up with the solution for this burning question. This problem is solved for both caller and callee side now. Customers can talk more comfortably now with CoolDialer. This update is given already to each and every existing customers as well as all new customers from now will get this update. Please contact with us for more information regarding this. We work to get you the best solution.



As a global service company, we want to spread the service of CoolDialer all over the world. In this journey we need company of our partners. 

We are looking for influential person/company as our sales partner for CoolDialer from various territory of the world. Interested person/company are requested to contact with us by sending email to We are looking forward for a win-win sales partnership with our sales partners and make the journey enjoyable and successful for both party jointly.

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