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Please ask us here if you have any query regarding CoolDialer operation, configuration, Mobile set specification or about anything on which you think that we can help you. We will try our best to answer all of your question here time to time. We expect participaition from our experienced user as well. Please participate with us.

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CoolDialer Support DTMF and Network Monitoring Now


CoolDialer does support DTMF now which is in demand of next generation VoIP Technology. As well as network monitoring has been enabled on the CoolDialer. When you go out of the network (internet), CoolDialer automatically disconnect you. Network Monitoring monitors the network when it is reconnected. So whenever you reconnect to the network, CoolDialer re-register you automatically. 

Talk free with us through Skype

You can make free calls to us and talk with us for any of your needs using Skype. Our office PBX is accessible through skype for free. Please follow following steps and talk free with us.

1. Download Skype application from here.

2. Install Skype in your Windows/Mac PC/Laptop, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

3. Create a Skype account if you dont have one already.

4. Login to your Skype account.

5. Add 'syncpbx' on your contact list.

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