CoolNetwork is a network of CoolDialer users around the world for making free voice calls. One CoolDialer user can call to another CoolDialer user, even that user is not registered under same service provider. Service Providers using SyncSwitch and CoolDialer can offer this service to their customers. It can be offered as free calling service as well as a value added service. As the service doesn’t require any route for calling, service provider can offer calling with lowest cost ever.

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Make call with 4.98 Kbps Bandwidth only with CoolDialer!!

Bandwidth situation is worst in mobile network in peak hours for almost every country. Using G.729 you need 16/24 Kbps of Bandwidth to make a successfull and comfortable voice calls which is not available in peak hours in mobile internet (GPRS, EDGE, 3G). Concidering this situation, we have implimented AMR codec for CoolDialer which allows you to make voice calls from your mobile using only 4.98 Kbps Bandwidth. We are always committed to solve all of your issues and provide you with best solutions. Thus, now you can handle the peak hour bandwidth congession situation very easily and make your customers satisfied, more then ever.

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