How to make a free call to any Skype user from your mobile using Cool Dialer?

Skype Logo Skype is an amazing VoIP service which enables Voice, video and text conversations over internet. Whereas most of the VOIP services run based on client server systems, Skype is basically a peer to peer system. A registered Skype user can make free calls to other Skype users and can also make calls to other mobile or landline numbers against certain charges/fees. Due to its extreme popularity among Internet users, it has become a prerequisite to any other VoIP service provider to be able to provide connection facility with Skype. Cool Dialer is a smart application which bundles Skype calling facility with its own inexpensive International call making facility.

How to use Call Interception Codes? What is the benefit?

Setting up Call Interception Codes is fairly easy. You just need to go Settings and type in your desired prefix/prefixes under Interception Codes. And Viola! Next time any call made to a number starting with such predefined prefix/prefixes will directly go through CoolDialer.

This options gives you the flexibility of choosing which calls you want to make using CoolDialer. If prefixes are predefined, you do not need to open the CoolDialer Application every time you try to make a call. These calls can be made from your typical phone calling interface.

For example, you have set '+' or '00' as your interception prefix on the CoolDialer. And the dialer is running in background, so if you make a call from the phone interface starting with '+' or '00', this call will go through Cool Dialer, other than directly through your operator. For ease of use, you can use international country codes (especially the ones which are frequently used) as prefixes. Basically any prefix can be set by the user and if you do not want any, all the prefixes can be removed from the Settings.

Workflow Diagram of CoolDialer Service

CoolDialer is a Software Service which includes number of servers and client softwares.. Total specification of complete operating environment is as following -

CoolDialer Client is the CoolDialer software client for supported mobile phones. It is installed on the mobile and used to dial specific number, handle conversation and communicate with all other necessary places.

Any number of CoolDialer client can be downloaded, copied and installed on customers handsets. But only purchased number of brands can be on production.

CoolDialer Workflow Diagram

Pay When You Are Satisfied | Get Your Free Demo Of CoolDialer 2.0 Now!

CoolDialer Free demo is available for test now. You can get your personal branded demo with your own soft switch and distribute to your customers. It works in UAE (in both Du and Etisalat), Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA and other Middle East countries as well as all over the world. Pay us when you and your customers are satisfied on the quality and service of CoolDialer.

To get your free demo, you can contact with us in following ways -

1. Please visit the CoolDialer Website and talk with SyncCare personnel through Live Chat to request for your demo (from 10AM to 10PM, GMT+6.00) except Friday.

2. Knock us in MSN or Yahoo & Gtalk messenger in following massager ID:


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