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CoolDialer Ultimate

CoolDialer Ultimate is specially designed mobile dialer to support extreme low bandwidth situation and cover non 3G areas. Its is able to provide crystal clear voice when all other dialer fails. It's superior bandwidth saving technology can reduce bandwidth usage substantially over G.729 codec. It's proprietory protocol ensures that it works under any type of firewall without any disturbance.

CoolDialer Ultimate supports an array of non G.729 supported Symbian S60 Nokia devices as well which provides greater coverage of end users and customers for Service Providers.

CoolDialer Ultimate is available in packages same as CoolDialer Turbo. Please find below packages and pricing that match your interest. Please let us know if you want to know more regarding CoolDialer Ultimate, send us email to

Rented CoolDialer For Any Switch



Package 1

CoolDialer Ultimate for 100 Registration

VoiceMate Service (Shared)

Server Hosting + Bandwidth

12 Hours a day, 6 days a week SyncCare Service




USD 200/Month



Package 2

CoolDialer Ultimate for 200 Registration

VoiceMate Service (Shared)

Server Hosting + Bandwidth

12 Hours a day, 6 days a week SyncCare Service




USD 400/Month


Package 3

CoolDialer Ultimate for 500 Registration

VoiceMate Service (Shared)

Server Hosting + Bandwidth

12 Hours a day, 6 days a week SyncCare Service




USD 950/Month

Act Now | Save Up To $2280 Per Year

  • Subscribe with quarterly(every 3 months) billing cycle and receive 10% discount.
  • Subscribe with half yearly(every 6 months) billing cycle and receive 15% discount.
  • Subscribe with yearly(every 12 months) billing cycle and receive 20% discount.

SyncSwitch: SyncSwitch is a complete switching and billing platform developed by CoolDialer developer company, Synchronous. It has all the functionalities you need to operate your retail and wholesale business. CoolDialer comes with package of Rented SyncSwitch for our customer convenience. 

CoolDialer Registration Limit: CoolDialer Registration limit is the limit how many handset can be registered concurrently with this CoolDialer installed in it. Concurrent registered is counted as how many registration attempt has been received from this operator within last six (6) hours.

VoiceMate: VoiceMate is the media server for CoolDialer. All user account get registered in the operator switch, but media is passed through VoiceMate.

Server Hosting + Bandwidth: For Synchronous products & services, we provide Server Hosting solution with Bandwidth. For hosting VoiceMate and SyncSwitch or any other switch, we provide Server hosting solution. The price of the service depends on the required server configuration. Price is based on website price of the hosting company. This is completely a not-for-profit service for helping our customers to do their business at ease.

SyncCare: SyncCare is Synchronous Customer Care Service. It includes 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, Ticket, LiveChat, Messenger, Email and over phone technical support about Synchronous product and services.

Rented Package: Means this package is available on monthly rent. There might be an installation charge and advance payment of the monthly rent depending on the package.

Licensed Package: Means this package is available for sale with one time payment. It may or may not include after sales service. Please refer to the corresponding packages for after sales service. 

Customization Conditions: Prices of packages that needs customization depends on the level of customization. Additional features, logo, name and anything you can request for customization, price will be negotiable for that. As well as maintenance of the project is also factor of negotiation. 

Please contact with for more information about customization and packages.

Now Your Mobile Dialer Works from Any Situation | CoolDialer Ultimate V. 3.0.0 Is Here

Works from Du (UAE) Network?  
Works from Etisalat (UAE) Network?  
Works from Omantel (Oman) Network?  
Works from other ISP of Oman?  
Works all over Middle East?  
Works all over the world?  
Works under port blocking?  
Works under extreme low bandwidth situation?  
Works under SIP blocking?  
Works under  other firewall?  
Works from GPRS?  
Works form EDGE?  
Works from 3G?  
Works from Wi-Fi?  
Works on low grade handset (Nokia)?  
Works with any Soft Switch?  
Has On Net calling feature(Pin to pin or peer to peer)?  
Small file size? 117 KB Only      
Crystal clear voice?  

At last the wait is over. CoolDialer Ultimate is here to answer your all burning quesions with a "YES". It can give you crystal clear voice from any firewalled situaiton. So, even if you have an internet connection with very low bandwidth, CoolDialer Ultimate is able of making clear voice. Contact with us for your free demo today and test the quality and usability of CoolDialer. Please send email to for more information.

16,000+ active users across 51 nations | Your mobiledialer is now popular worldwide

CoolDialer is Working Around the globeCoolDialer, the most advanced technology mobiledialer in the market, is being used by 16,000+ active users across 51 countries now which includes countries from all continents of the world. The low bandwidth consumption technology enables CoolDialer users to make calls from even GPRS. So, with CoolDialer users can make calls from any sort of internet connectivity. As well as, its superior anti firewall technology ensures that it works from any part of the world regardless how tough firewall that is. Number of active users are increasing every day, and customer of CoolDialer are discovering new business market every day. CoolDialer mobiledialer is always here to give your business a global shape.

Call Skype users from your CoolDialer

Call Skype users from CoolDialerSynchronous always try to provide you with latest technology and best quality of service available in mobiledialer business model. Your favourite mobiledialer - CoolDialer, comes up with interconnection between CoolDialer and Skype network. You can call to any Skype account from your mobiledialer for free which allows users to connect directly with Skype network from CoolDialer for making free calls. User can access this feature from settings menu of CoolDialer. Just put the destination skype user name on the box and make call - it is that simple to make a call to a Skype users.

Stay connected with CoolDialer to enjoy more exciting features which can provide you supirior quality of voice and facilities. For more information regarding skype calls using cooldialer, please contact with us.

Get A Mobile Dialer For Your VoIP Business Now With Just $100 Per Month

Spend just $100 per month and get a Mobile Dialer for your VoIP Business today. CoolDialer for 100 Registration provides 100 concurernt users. This package includes CoolDialer for 100 registration along with VoiceMate service in 100% stable and quality controled data center of Synchronous. It also includes FREE SyncCare service, 12 Hours a Day, 6 days a week, except Friday. To subscribe for the package, please contact with us now. To know more about CoolDialer packages, please visit CoolDiaer Packages.


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