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Get a free demo for CoolDialer today

CoolDialer free demo is available for testing with SyncSwitch Package as well as your own SIP Switch. To get a demo for CoolDialer, please follow following steps-

Voice Breaking for Bandwidth Crisis is Solved.

Voice breaking, noise in conversation etc problem was a common phenomena for mobile dialer in peak hours when your call suffers for bandwidth crisis. But your favourite CoolDialer comes up with the solution for this burning question. This problem is solved for both caller and callee side now. Customers can talk more comfortably now with CoolDialer. This update is given already to each and every existing customers as well as all new customers from now will get this update. Please contact with us for more information regarding this. We work to get you the best solution.

Talk free with us through Skype

You can make free calls to us and talk with us for any of your needs using Skype. Our office PBX is accessible through skype for free. Please follow following steps and talk free with us.

1. Download Skype application from here.

2. Install Skype in your Windows/Mac PC/Laptop, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

3. Create a Skype account if you dont have one already.

4. Login to your Skype account.

5. Add 'syncpbx' on your contact list.

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