CoolDialer Bangla Website is Published!!

This is our pleasure to inform you that CoolDialer Website have a Bangla version now on the link Keeping visitor who love Bangla Language and who find it convenient for them to get informaiton in Bangla, this website is published. Please let us know how is the Bangla Version of the website. Your valuable feedback to improve the website is very important to us. All the best.

Free Demo Download Link for CoolDialer

CoolDialer Demo is available to download now for testing. Testing is completely free. Please click to following link to download the demo of CoolDialer. Demo is configured with one of CoolDialer demo server and capable of handling live test calls to worldwide destinations. Please request for a test PIN/Account by submitting a comment/request in this post or please send email to

CoolDialer Premium has been released!!

CoolDialer-Mobile Dialer with G.729, GSM and G.711 capability is released today. Its available now for customers. Anyone can get free demo for CoolDialer Mobile dialer. Please request demo in this page, we will communicate with you with the demo. Please ask us anything regarding CoolDialer here.

Join "CoolDialer Users Group" in Facebook today

Your favourite CoolDialer community is available in Facebook now. You can meet with CoolDialer users and share your comments and views with them. As well as you will get instant update from the group whenever any update is available in CoolDialer. We are maintaing the group regularly. Please join today to CoolDialer Users Gruop in facebook through following link.

CoolDialer Help

Please ask us here if you have any query regarding CoolDialer operation, configuration, Mobile set specification or about anything on which you think that we can help you. We will try our best to answer all of your question here time to time. We expect participaition from our experienced user as well. Please participate with us.

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