We believe on making things straight, clear and handy to our valuable customers to save their valuable time. All packages and ingredient of packages are available in the following table with price. Further explanation has been provided under the table. Please read them to be clear about them. For more clarification, kindly send us email to


CoolDialer is geared with all features that are in demand and standard in current telecommunication technology- mostly in VoIP market to enhance end user experience. As well as, while designing the application, we gave highest priority to ease of operation and comfortability for customers.


Technical Features:

Talk free with us through Skype

You can make free calls to us and talk with us for any of your needs using Skype. Our office PBX is accessible through skype for free. Please follow following steps and talk free with us.

1. Download Skype application from here.

2. Install Skype in your Windows/Mac PC/Laptop, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

3. Create a Skype account if you dont have one already.

4. Login to your Skype account.

5. Add 'syncpbx' on your contact list.

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